Super Noah Super Math box of playing cards. Math Game for kids
Super Noah Super Math box of playing cards. Math Game for kids

Super Noah Super Math Playing Cards

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OBJECTIVE:  Who will be the Super Math Master using addition and subtraction?

Team Vickers (hero) vs Team X-Evil (villain). Team Vickers (heroes) need to collect 25 points before Team X-Evil (villains) can reduce the score to 0.


Players work together to keep a score. Heroes add points with positive numbers, and villains subtract with negative numbers. The score starts at 5, and the hero plays first. Players choose their role, hero or villain, and sort cards into stacks. Taking turns, they play cards face down. Heroes increase the total score, villains decrease it. Heroes win if the score hits 25 before dropping to zero or below. Villains win if the score hits zero before reaching 25.


Super Noah Super Math” is a STEM-based card game involving basic addition and subtraction. The math playing cards encourage mental math skills, equation-solving, positive and negative number recognition, imagination, and fun. It’s no secret that math is more enjoyable when presented as a game. The action cards also promote reading and comprehension skills alongside math. Using play as an intervention method helps bridge learning gaps. “Super Noah Super Math” is a STEM-based card game fostering learning through play. Forming teams and aiming to beat the hero or villain fulfills the five characteristics of play: joyfulness, meaningfulness, active engagement, repetition, and social interaction.



  • 29 cards: 28 game cards including 8 action cards, 1 instruction/example card.
  • For ages 5+
  • Size: 2.75×3.75 inches 7×9.5 cm, rounded corners, matte lamination for durability
  • Reinforce addition and subtraction.
  • Enhance mental math skills. 
  • Develop speed, accuracy, and confidence.
  • Portable and perfect for on-the-go learning!



Noah created the SNSM math playing game and all the characters at the age of 6. Team Vickers represents Noah's family, the heroes, while Team X-Evil, the villains, is based on Noah's imagination. Noah actively participates in the company's decision-making. He loves all things STEM, with science being his favorite subject. Noah's educational background includes Montessori instruction (based on Maria Montessori), home-based learning, and math and reading skills from Kumon Learning Center©.

NAV Enterprises, doing business as Super Noah Super Math, makes learning math enjoyable. We believe learning should begin early at home and extend beyond the classroom. Our vision is to establish Super Noah Super Math as a household name. Our mission is to create STEM products that are both educational and fun, recognizing the crucial role early childhood education plays in a child's overall success. We are a family-owned and operated small business. Creating a cool way to learn!

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