About Noah

Noah Vickers smiling handsomely in a gorgeous blue suit.

Noah is 8 years old. He created the game concept and all the characters for the game at the tender age of 6. Team Vickers represents Noah's African American family, the heroes of the game. Team X-Evil characters were born in Noah's imagination. Noah insists on being very involved in the decision-making for the company. He LOVES all things STEM, but science is his favorite subject. Noah’s educational background includes early Montessori instruction, home based learning, and additional math and reading skills from Kumon Learning Center ©.

Noah loves to be challenged and learn new things. He is skilled at quick mental addition and subtraction math and can solve single number multiplication and division problems. In addition to learning, Noah loves playing basketball, baseball, playing video games, and learning to code.


NAV Enterprises DBA as Super Noah Super Math strives to make learning fun. We believe that learning happens early, starts at home, and isn't just for the classroom. We strive to add fun to learning. Our vision is to make Super Noah Super Math a household name. Our Mission is to create STEM products that are both educational and fun. We feel that early childhood education plays a critical role in the overall success in a child's education.



Team Vickers characters grouped in one frame that looks like a polaroid photo, next to the real-life Vickers family.